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NewYork.com says “Peek into the history of NYC’s refined restaurant past” at Le Périgord

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From Kathleen Squires, NewYork.com

Frog Legs at Le Perigord

If you’ve ever wanted to peek into the history of NYC’s refined restaurant past, there are very few options to visit these days. There’s the Four Seasons, for one, which will soon undergo a massive transformation when taken over by the Major Food Group (Carbone, Dirty French, etc.). There’s La Grenouille, which has been undergoing some changes itself, with a shift in partnership. And then there is Le Perigord, which celebrated its 51st birthday this year, and has barely changed a whit since opening.

Georges Briguet and his family still run the restaurant. The waiters still wear tuxedos and provide tableside service. You can always count on a celebrity being in the room. (In 1964, it might have been Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. In 2015, it could be regulars Tyne Daly or Henry Kissinger). And the best part: you can still find expertly-executed classics that have been on the menu since opening day in 1964. Among them: frog legs ($28), sautéed in butter, garlic, shallots, lemon juice and white wine–plump, juicy and full of classic French flavor.

To explore more throwback dishes, take advantage of the restaurant’s 50th anniversary prix-fixe menu, $75 for three courses, where classics cycle on and off. Other dishes to wax nostalgic over: lobster thermidor, duck l’orange, and a Grand Marnier soufflé.

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