Le Périgord Restaurant

Le Périgord Celebrates 50th Anniversary

50YearsA Brief History of Georges Briguet and Le Périgord

Georges Briguet has been at the helm of Le Périgord since April 1, 1964. Craig Claiborne, the first full-time food and restaurant critic of The New York Times, gave Le Périgord its first review in 1966 describing it as “far and away the best French restaurant in the Beekman–Sutton area.” The restaurant has received rave reviews ever since.

Georges is originally from a family of vintners in Switzerland, where he worked at Le Baur‑au‑Lac in Zurich before his arrival in New York City in 1960. He first worked at the Marco Polo Lounge at the Waldorf Astoria and then as maître d’hôtel at La Grenouille.  His wife Marie‑Thérèse Briguet is part of a large family of restaurateurs from Brittany. Their son Christopher is carrying on the family tradition with a keen and sensitive eye, respecting and modernizing a treasured legacy of fifty years.

Over the course of those years, the Briguet family has maintained and updated the hallmarks of Le Périgord: fresh food of the highest quality, fine dining in the best French tradition and attentive service. Georges Briguet takes great pride in his wine cellar, which has an extensive, award-winning wine list of old and recent vintages offered at sensible prices.  The Briguet family owes a great debt of gratitude to Le Périgord’s chefs, who have both respected and reinterpreted classic French dining at their restaurant at 405 East 52nd Street in New York City.

  • Ferdinand Desbans, former chef to Prince Louis II of Monaco
  • Willy Krause, “French Chef of the Year,” 1966
  • Roger Lozach, native of Brittany
  • Antoine Bouterin, best “Young Chef from France,” 1984
  • Pascal Coudouy, native of the Périgord region
  • Jacques Qualin, formerly of Jean-Georges
  • Joël Benjamin, current chef, formerly of Lutèce

Le Périgord prides itself on its exemplary and discreet service by seasoned professionals. Our staff genuinely cares about our guests, are knowledgeable and can skillfully debone a Dover sole meunière as well as effortlessly carve a roast duck at your table.  Le Périgord has been continually refurbished to maintain its understated and elegant ambience. The dining room is conducive to tranquil socializing with its upholstered fabric walls, intimate banquettes and spaciously set white‑clothed tables with clusters of fresh flowers.  A private dining room seats up to forty guests for both business entertaining and personal events.

Le Périgord would like to thank all our loyal clients and friends who have been part of our family for the last fifty years. We are grateful as well to our devoted kitchen and dining room staffs, without whom the Briguet family would not have succeeded as it has at Le Périgord.