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Desserts at the 48-year-old French restaurant, Le Périgord. Photo: Evan Sung

Great Dining Experiences

Froufrouless French

Hot and trendy restaurants are no doubt a part of the NYC dining palate, but there is much to say for the tried and true. Le Périgord, a 48-year-old French restaurant on Manhattan’s East Side, meets the definition of haute cuisine, minus the stuffiness. Despite the gracious formality, the dining room has an open, airy feel, with pale gold walls, elegantly framed sketches of Parisian scenes and pristine white tablecloths. Le Périgord offers both an à la carte (roasted rack of lamb, Dover sole, beef Wellington) and a prix fixe menu (with more than a dozen entrées to choose from). And those desserts (left)! Floating islands, tartes Tatin: Let them eat cake, indeed.

» Le Périgord, 405 E. 52nd St., 212.755.6244