Le Périgord Restaurant

Wine List

At Le Périgord, we are committed to the concept of wine as a complement to food. Our extensive wine cellar is constantly changing and includes wines from the world’s classic estates, particularly from France. Our wine list is fine-tuned to enhance your enjoyment of the French cuisine for which Le Périgord is known.

In addition to housing the classic food wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, Le Périgord offers the connoisseur a great selection of wine from Rhone, Alsace, and Champagne. The cellar also has great breadth in Californian, Australian and German wines. In the French tradition, Le Périgrod treats wine with the utmost care and dignity. We house all of our wines in our climate-controlled cellar to insure proper aging.

Our wine list offers a great selection and breadth from practically every wine producing country including the United States, Italy, Austria, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Hungary, and South Africa. Our servers are devoted to enhancing the dining experience of our guests. This is accomplished not only by the wine list itself, but also by our wine storage conditions, the wine team, and the education of the service staff.

Our wines are suggested to complement your menu choices. Our servers are provided continuous updates in order to better enhance your dining experience. Le Périgord offers more than 250 labels from the world’s best known vineyards. In addition, great values are available along with wines from new and adventurous wine makers.