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My Favorite Burger – Fork and Knife Required

My favorite burger that you can eat with your hands is still Landmarc.  Marc Murphy does an extraordinary version.  The meat is crispy on the outside and flowing with juices on the inside.  The bun is made in house, the fries are some of the best in NY and the side salad cleanses the palate!

But I now want to announce my favorite burger that needs to be eaten with a fork and knife!

This is the Beef Wellington Burger!  Let me whet your appetite:

Lean prime chuck beef from Gachot & Gachot (purveyors to Peter Luger) is mixed with rendered foie gras, finely chopped sautéed shallots and oyster and porcini mushrooms.  Then it is cooled then seared.  Topped with MORE mushrooms, and rolled in puff pastry. Baked in 450 degree oven for about 10 minutes (for medium-rare).  Served with truffle sauce and haricot vert.

Bring the lipitor!

When can I find this burger you may ask!  Read on my friends and fans, read on!

This is the first time in this restaurant’s  49-year old history that they are even offering a burger.

In a city as busy and fast-paced at NYC, it can be easy to forget about the old and focus on the new.  It’s always cool and hit to discover something new and the “hottest” but Manhattan is filled with genuine institutions that deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

Two words: Le Périgord.

A 49-year old classic French restaurant on Manhattan’s Midtown Eastside (far eastside!).  Founder and host Georges Briguet, along with this son Christopher Briguet, set a gracious tone at this haute French favorite, welcoming all to experience fine French dining in a relaxed, yet refined ambience.

Helming the kitchen is Executive Chef Joel Benjamin (Lutece, NYC), who has been with the restaurant for over twelve years. Specializing in classic French cuisine, Benjamin serves original dishes that are unique to Le Périgord, such as his delectable Alsatian Onion Tart, a savory appetizer that leaves one craving for more. Other specialty appetizers include Fricassée d’escargots au beurre de noisette et champignons des bois (escargots in hazelnut butter with wild mushrooms); Foie gras chaud aux fruits de Saison (warm foie gras with seasonal fruits); and La bisque de homard (lobster bisque). For the main course, Benjamin offers more traditional French fare, from Le filet de loup de mer á la Dijonaise (filet of bass with creamy country mustard sauce); to Boeuf Bourguignon (traditional beef Bourguignon); and Foie de veau meunière (calf liver with lemon butter sauce).

Le Périgord, which is named after a region in France, is known for its graceful tableside service of Sole Anglaise meunière, ou grillée avec sauce moutarde (Dover sole, with lemon butter meuniere sauce, or grilled with mustard sauce); Duck a l’orange (duck with orange sauce); and Carré d’agneau rôti á la croûte de thym frais (roasted rack of lamb with a fresh thyme crust). Guests should undoubtedly save room for its irresistible desserts, including Grand Marnier Soufflé, and its legendary “temptation trolley” of desserts which includes timeless favorites as Tarte Tatin, Chocolate Mousse and Floating Islands. Le Périgord’s wine list also pleases all with a fine selection of both old and recent vintages, offered at pricing that is reasonable.

With its comforting, old-world feel, Le Périgord, a Sutton Place landmark, delivers an elegant atmosphere for diners to enjoy superb French cuisine. Spaciously set white-clothed tables, many with banquet seating, make up the lovely main dining room.

According to The New York Times, “Le Périgord has been a dignified presence on the dining scene. It’s a French restaurant the way French restaurants used to be.”  And now you can get a burger!

The burger with all the sides is 18 bucks.

Le Périgord (405 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022; 212.755.6244;
Open for lunch Monday to Friday, and dinner every evening.

Got a burger story?  A burger that I must try?  As long as it don’t start with the letters “Mc” let me know.

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